Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Olive Oil and Grapefruit Detox

     Was having dinner at home with my dearies housemates and suddenly Khailing suggested a detox method. Lol... I was shocked when she said Olive Oil and Grapefruit can be consumed as a detox drinks so i did some research about it. 
     It's true that we're likely to face constipation when we binge on junk food, fast food, heavy non-vegetarian and processes food. Besides it's most likely to face problems like weight gain, bloting, tiredness and encounter hair & skin problem. Scary thou : ( .. Not only this, eating this kind of food leads to blocked colon and this is very harmful for our liver. Ouch!
     After reading this, i have an urge to detoxify my system(in order to live longer). So incase you encounter any of the problems listed below, you're the right candidate to try out this detox method. =)

• persistent headaches
• Constipation (me)
• Bulging stomach
• Powerful food cravings (RUBIN)
• Problematic skin
• Metallic taste in mouth
• Tiredness and Lethargic
• Acidity and gas
• Weight gain 
• Uneven digestion
• Irritation and mood swings
• Awful breath
• Stinking stools

     There's a wide range of methods to cleanse your body like dieting, drinking cleansing drinks and even medical methods. But of all these Olive Oil Cleanse is simplest of all. 

So here're the steps of doing it:

     At bedtime, on an empty stomach, mix and drink a half cup or more of olive oil mix with the same amount of grapefruit juice. DO NOT SIP IT BUT CHUG IT DOWN INSTEAD! 
     The olive oil will flow to the bile duct and into the liver and gall bladder and release gall stones that have been form inside there. Gall stones are mostly semi-hardened bile and it's dark green in colour. (Khailing statement is true, she said there will be some greenish round round thingy 'expelled' the next day). The gall stones will melt if left at room temperature.
     The olive oil will squirt out of you the next morning and very likely will flush out any number of these gall stones. Repeat the flush, maybe once a week on Friday or Saturday night(when u aren't planning to do anything the next morning) until there's no green gunk coming out.
     It's tough to get a half cup of olive oil straight into the stomach so you can actually mix it with grapefruit juice, sweetened or not is ok. The grapefruit juice can also acts as a cutting agent to help release the stucked gall stones.
     It's advisable to take the mixture at room temperature as they mix better and go down better. The oil and juice and separate almost instantly so u gotta do it fast ; )
   I actually read that u can mix the olive oil with lemon or orange juice as well but i forget what's the purpose of it. Anyhow, Olive oil is the main ingredient. =)
   So why not give it a try as Olive Oil is easily available and it's cheeeap-as compared to SURGERY and i bet u wouldn't like to be slaughtered. =P
   I will start trying this method when i have the time and gt my olives oil and tell the result once i've done it : )

     P.S im NOT responsible for any bad things happen to your body or if you're dead. But i did research on this and a lot of people(98%) are satisfied with the result . If you're dead or your health deteriorate after consuming i think most likely u mistake normal cooking oil as olive oil. : P      

     So here's what gallstones look like, I've tried hard and feel like gonna throw out when try to look for the less disgusting picture on google. If you 
would like to see more of it, please google it yourself. : )

Look at the size! Omg. I can't stand it already!  =S

With measurement.. Ew!!! 


  1. Really did help or what? i havent try it bt lots of people said it works leh.. u wanna try anot? haha!!

  2. you are responsible if anything happens to me? XD

  3. nyahahaha!! no I'm NOT :P i add in the word already. Thankiu =)

  4. i not really understand the ingredients only...
    im now waiting my friends came bck then i try with him... if going in hospital also have ppl accompany mah... ahah~

  5. LOL u serious? The ingredients r really simple. Half cup of olive oil + half cup of grapefruit/lemon juice. Mix it well and quickly drink all of it. You have to drink it on an empty stomach, better 4 hours after your last meal. Drink it at bedtime. Drink already sleep on your right side, this will make it more effective. Hey tell me the result yeah after you've tried it.. ;)

  6. Would it be bad to do this more than once in a week. Like one day and then the next???

  7. Well i guess you shouldn't do this that often..


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